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Junkoust cleaner is the most popular cleaner.  Junkoust is the brand new revolutionary software tool that lets you cleanup your PC. Download Junkoust for Windows now from It will clean and fix registry errors, Junkoust removes all junks and unnecessary files like temporary files, prefetch files, etc. Junkoust Cleaner consist of following Features:-
Junkoust Cleaner is designed to clean up files to protect your privacy by cleaning up all your temporary files, prefetch files, thumbnail cache, memory dumps, windows error, etc on your computer which could also put you at risk of identity theft.
Over here, from the list you can select the browser that you need to clean. It will clean the cache, cookies and history altogether if all check boxes are checked. If user wants to clean the particular option then user can change it by using check and uncheck options.
Registry cleaner removes empty registry, unused and unwanted registry. It also clean shared dll, unwanted file extensions, unwanted applications. By cleaning this unwanted things, it free ups the memory space and disk space.
Software Tools shows list of all default software and software installed by user. So, it is used to uninstall the unused software as per user requirement.
Startup programs list the all startup programs which are automatically start when PC starts so that users can enable or disable their startup programs as per their requirement.

Save travel time and effort by transforming troubled PCs from your browser – on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. Simply analyze, clean, install and update from anywhere.

Protect PCs and Preserve Anonymity

Junkoust Cleaner Cloud safely erases unnecessary files, data and settings to make PCs run faster. It also deletes browsing history and cookies to protect privacy and stop users being followed by online ads.

Made by a Company You Trust

Junkoust Cleaner software which is so good in PC optimization. It's been downloaded in every country worldwide and installed more times.